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NHS consultation on prescribed items

The NHS has launched a consultation on items which it says should no longer be routinely prescribed in primary care.

Many medicines listed in the consultation document are considered low priority for NHS funding, and the recommendations cover 18 treatments which cost £141m a year. The items covered in the consultation are considered to be either of relatively low clinical effectiveness; clinically effective but with more cost-effective items available; or clinically effective but a low priority for NHS funding.

You can read the full list of items here, and see the full consultation document.

The deadline for responses is Saturday 21 October.

Childhood Vaccination Programmes

Public Health England has launched a new social media campaign to promote the importance of routine childhood vaccination programmes, which will run until July 2. Regional Medical Director Nigel Acheson said: “The vaccinations offered by GPs are vital to protecting children and our wider population.

“Unfortunately, in many areas, routine childhood vaccination rates are too low, as parents either decide against vaccination or fall behind in the schedule. Across the South, the majority of local areas are not reaching the national target of 95% uptake. But far more worrying, many local areas are below 90%. These low rates mean thousands of individual children are not fully protected and we are also failing to reach the level required to create wider “herd immunity”. This significantly raises the likelihood of local outbreaks of diseases such as measles, mumps and pertussis."

Walk-in services in Portsmouth

Since July 1, 2016, services at Guildhall Walk Healthcare Centre and St Mary's NHS Treatment Centre have changed. Click here for the latest information and here for a downloadable leaflet for the details.

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