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The Portsmouth pound: CCG reveals how it spends its money
03 October 2013

NHS Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) spends on average £1,150 a year on every man, woman and child in the city.

As the main commissioner of health services for the city, £129m, or more than half, of the CCG’s £245m budget, is spent on acute services, predominantly with Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, which runs the Queen Alexandra Hospital.

The next biggest sums are £32m on mental health services, £31m on primary care prescribing (the medicines prescribed by GPs), and £24m on community health.

Around 215,000 patients are registered with Portsmouth’s 26 GP practices – slightly above the city’s overall population as some patients live outside the city’s boundary.

The full breakdown is:


Programme costs

Total £m





Mental health


Primary care prescribing


Community health


Continuing healthcare


Centrally held costs


Social care and voluntary





The CCG provides 23% of PHT’s total funding. Other CCGs, mainly Fareham and Gosport and South Eastern Hampshire, provide another 44%.

NHS Portsmouth CCG also provides 30% of the budget for the Solent NHS Trust, which provides mental health and community services across the city.

Of the average £1,150 spend on every Portsmouth GP patient, £605 goes on acute hospital care – of which 60% is planned (an operation or treatment planned in advance, and 40% is emergency care.

The full average break down, for each patient, is:

  • £605  - acute hospital care
  • £150 -  mental health
  • £146 – primary care prescribing
  • £113  - community based care
  •   £70  - various other
  •   £66  - continuing health care.

For the 215,000 population, in a year there are:

  • 122,000  outpatient appointments
  • 42,000  emergency department attendances
  • 23,500  emergency admissions
  • 16,000  planned admissions.

So, how much do things cost? Please note that the costs below are an average figure and the basic cost just to the CCG as a commissioner, and not the NHS as a whole.

  • an average birth - £1,600 to £2,30
  • a patient in critical care - £1,500 a da
  • a new outpatient appointment - £156
  • an attendance at a hospital Emergency Department - £63 to £258 (depending on the patient’s condition. Costs at the lower end are often patients who could receive appropriate treatment or advice at another NHS setting and at a much lower cost to the taxpayer)
  • a basic ambulance call-out - £100 (the costs are much higher where patients are transported to an NHS health setting for care)
  • a hip replacement - £5,750
  • out of hours GP services - £13 for a phone call, £50 for an appointment and £167 if a GP has to make a home visit
  • an X-ray - £27.

Dr Tim Wilkinson, who chairs the CCG, and Chief Finance Officer Jo Gooch, unveiled the figures at the first annual meeting, attended by nearly 80 people, at St James’ Hospital, last night.

Dr Wilkinson warned that the NHS was faced with future funding challenges.

He said: “We are faced with a rising population, changing needs of our population as well as rising demands.

“There are also challenges with new technology, rising costs and no growth in our funding.

“So the message is clear – we have to reshape our services within available resources.”

A copy of the presentation is available on the CCG website by visiting

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