"Your Big Health Conversation"

In Spring 2017 the three CCGs serving Portsmouth, Fareham and Gosport, and South Eastern Hampshire launched the first phase of the "Your Big Health Conversation" engagement project.

The idea was to start a 'plain English' debate locally about the challenges facing the local NHS, and the implications of those challenges for services, also to start to gather feedback from people about how they believe the local NHS should change in the future.

Phase One ran between February and March, and was an attempt to gather views on a very broad range of subjects - for example what people felt were the priorities for mental health care, or what people understood a "seven day NHS" to mean. The initial feedback can be found here.

Phase Two will seek to engage people in a more targeted way, asking more questions about how local NHS services may develop in the future.

To find out more, see the links below:

  • Phase One: the background, why are we doing this, and what are we asking
  • Pressure on services: how is the local NHS treating patients now, compared to the past?
  • Opportunities: how can the NHS improve the way it cares for patients, both improving services and becoming more efficient – what do we already know about the future, and what don’t we know?
  • The local population: how is the demand for services changing, now and in future?
  • Staffing: what is the situation now, and what do we expect in the future?
  • Money: how are we coping, and what will happen next?
  • Sustainability and Transformation Plans: the Hampshire “STP” – what it is, and what it isn’t

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