Sharing information, improving care

By the autumn/winter of 2015 almost all GP practices, NHS community staff and mental health teams in Portsmouth will use the same IT system for recording, and storing, patient information.

Although this is basically a technical change, the intention is that this IT change will improve patient care.

With GPs and practice nurses sharing the same IT system as community nurses, mental health teams, and other people involved in delivering front-line, community-based care, patients will benefit because:

  • The people treating you will be able to see all of your medical history, treatments and tests when they make decisions. Until now they will have only seen some of your medical records, and so might be making decisions without knowing all the key information.
  • You will not always have to explain your medical history again and again. We know that this can be a major frustration for people, and sharing information will help to cut this down.

 Your information can only be shared with your consent.

Every GP practice which is using the shared IT system will be writing to its patients to explain what is happening, and giving people the chance to 'opt out' if they do not wish other health professionals treating them to see their full medical record.

If you would like to know more, please see the information leaflet, and the 'Questions and Answers' document. If you would like to discuss the matter in person you should contact your practice.

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