Lists and registers

Freedom of Information Disclosure Log – is maintained by our FoI Manager, from Portsmouth City Council and is available upon request.

Register of Gifts and Hospitality – is maintained by our Head of Governance and reviewed by our Audit Committee and is published on a quarterly basis. Past versions can be found here.

Register of interests – The CCG holds two Registers of Interests. The Register which details the interests of those members of any of the CCG's decision-making Committees is reviewed at each Governing Board meeting and is available in the Governing Board papers. The Governing Board is required annually to review the Register of Interest for staff who are not members of decision-making Committees, the latest version of this Register can be found here.

Register of Procurement Decisions - is regularly reviewed by the Audit Committee and can be found here

We will look to in the future add further lists and information in the public interest.

Medicines Management – we publish regularly our local decisions regarding drugs approved by NICE (technology appraisals) and information on when they became available locally. We also publish a copy of the local drug formulary used.

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