Falls: helping people get back on their feet

Falling over can be a devastating event.

A fall can cause serious physical injury, and leave people with little confidence in their ability to move around independently and safely.

In Portsmouth and south east Hampshire there are about 117,000 people aged 65 or over, and approximately 30% of them will fall at least once each year.

Given the numbers affected, and the potentially shattering consequences, the local NHS is looking again at the way we treat people who have fallen over. Many of the current services are already very good, but we want them to be even better. This includes all aspects of care, not just the initial visit to hospital – everything from fracture clinics, to long-term medication and balance classes.

If you have needed NHS care after a fall, or if you live with someone who has, we want to hear from you to help us to make this service as good as it possibly can be.

If you or a loved one has used the service, please fill in our simple survey here. Any feedback – positive or critical – can help us to improve.

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