Services at Guildhall Walk

Consultation on the future of services at Guildhall Walk

NHS Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group will be formally asking patients and the public for their views about the future of health services currently delivered in the Guildhall Walk Healthcare Centre, Portsmouth.

The most-recent meeting of the CCG Governing Board (September 23, 2015) endorsed the proposal to formally consult on the CCG’s preferred options for the future of these services – to relocate the GP-led walk-in service from Guildhall Walk to create an enhanced walk-in service at St Mary’s Treatment Centre, and to procure a GP practice to operate from existing, empty NHS space in the city centre.

Four options were put forward in the paper considered by the Board – you can view the paper by clicking here.

Our intention is to launch the 12-week formal consultation process next month, and it will run into January – allowing extra time for the Christmas holiday period.

Formal consultation documents, setting out the options and the case for change, will now be prepared and this will involve close liaison with members of the Portsmouth City Council Health Overview and Scrutiny Panel, and HealthWatch Portsmouth, to ensure that both the content of the consultation, and the opportunities for people to submit their views, are considered to be fair and appropriate.


Currently there are two different types of NHS services delivered at Guildlhall Walk Healthcare Centre - the site operates as a GP practice serving its registered patients, and also as a GP-led walk-in service for people with minor illnesses.

The contract for both of these services runs out in March 2016, and so decisions are required which will impact both upon primary care, and urgent care, provision in the city.

Walk-in services

Over the past 18 months or so the CCG has been given a huge amount of feedback about urgent care in the city, both from members of the public and from local GPs. This feedback has helped us to develop a possible option for improving walk-in services in the city, although more views are being sought and a date for a decision has not yet been set. The proposed approach is to move the walk-in service from Guildhall and relocate it to St Mary's Treatment Centre. St Mary's would then become a clear choice for people needing urgent care - it would offer walk-in care which was provided by both GPs and nurses, working together, and would cater for both minor injuries and minor illnesses. It would also give all of these staff good access to diagnostic support, such as X-rays. We are also considering the impact on the GP practice at Guildhall Walk and have been contacting patients at the surgery to seek their views too.

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