The future of primary care in Portsmouth

Please tell us what you think

In Portsmouth, GP surgeries are likely to offer some extended hours – such as opening early on some mornings, or later on some weekday evenings - and all practices offer some form of ‘same-day’ access for people who need help or advice quickly.

However, we know that the local NHS still needs to go further to make sure people can get the primary care they need in ways which are convenient to them.

That means looking at all aspects of what we do – thinking about opening times, the days that practices are open, how new technology is being used, the types of staff who are available, the premises that are used, and how surgeries link with other parts of the NHS – to see how we can improve the services we offer.

Nationally and locally there are fewer GPs opting to go into general practice, and so none of this is straightforward. We would welcome your feedback, to learn more about how you think GP practices in the future should work.

Please complete our very short survey, to help us understand more about the views of people registered at Portsmouth practices.

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