Patients getting bigger voice in their local NHS

11th June 2013

Patients are getting a bigger voice in how their NHS is being run in Portsmouth.

The new NHS Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has held the inaugural meeting of a new umbrella group for the various existing patient participation groups (PPGs) citywide.

Around 25 patient representatives from 10 surgeries attended a two-hour event at St James’ Hospital – prompting good feedback from both attendees and the GPs who hosted them.

Dr Tim Wilkinson, who chairs the CCG and is the lead GP on community engagement, said: "We were delighted with both the turn-out for this first meeting and the contributions that were made.

"We are determined and fully committed to putting patients’ views at the heart of our planning of local health services. This citywide forum is one way to help us achieve that and we will be looking to evolve its role, particularly when there are ‘hot’ health issues to discuss."

Many of the CCG’s 26 member practices have their own PPGs, mainly comprising patient representatives who meet a number of times a year to discuss services at their own GP surgeries.

A number of others have ‘virtual’ PPGs on which views and feedback is mainly encouraged online.

The CCG went live as an organisation on 1 April when it replaced the city’s former primary care trust as the main buyer and planner of local health services for more than 210,000 residents.

Dr Wilkinson said: "We invited general questions from patients which we answered before breaking into three workshops to look at two issues – what would make the ideal GP practice and how can the CCG and PPGs keep working together.

"The feedback has certainly given us some food for thought, as well as

re-enforcing messages which we already knew were important to people relating to issues such as GP appointments.

"We would like to thank all those people who came, and we will be listening and acting on many of the tips they offered to make the experience an even better one next time."

The following documents are available from the meeting:

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