Joint Consultation - prescribeable items of low-priority for NHS funding


NHS Clinical Commissioners (NHSCC) and NHS England have launched a joint consultation on items which should not be routinely prescribed in primary care. In it are recommendations regarding 18 treatments which currently cost the NHS £141 million a year.

The publication of the consultation follows work carried out earlier this year when NHSCC called for national support to release up to £128m of savings from ten identified products that could be considered low priority for NHS funding.

The items that are subject to the consultation fall into three categories:

  1. Items of relatively low clinical effectiveness;
  2. Items which are clinically effective but where more cost-effective items are available;
  3. Items which are clinically effective but, due to the nature of the item, are deemed a low priority for NHS funding.

See the full list of items here.

You can see the full consultation document and details of how to respond on this on NHS England’s website. The closing date to respond is Saturday 21 October.

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