Previous consultation and engagement

Over the years we have carried out lots of consultations and engagement - those include formal processes, such as relating to the future of Guildhall Walk Healthcare Centre and NHS walk-in services in our city, and more informal work, such as the work to learn more about patient experiences of the way the local health service cares for people with one or more long-term conditions.

See the menu on the side of this page, to learn more about those projects.

You can also click here to find out more about the consultations and engagement projects being carried out now, or go to our 'You Said, We Did' area to see how the NHS has responded to the feedback we have received.

Veterans' healthcare survey

*We have also published (in the "Downloads" section on this page) a report on a survey carried out by the Company of Makers, which involved nearly 1,800 ex-Servicemen and women responding to a major healthcare survey. The survey was carried out in 2015/16, and the summary report was presented at a veterans' healthcare event in Portsmouth on November 30, 2016.

A full report into the event is now also in the downloads section. Attended by a full-house of more than 70 people, it was the first event targeted specifically at local residents who have previously served in the Armed Forces.

Company of Makers gave a presentation on the findings of the survey, there was a question and answer session and various discussion groups looked at seven themes, including support for partners and families.

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