NHS services at your local pharmacy

Portsmouth’s 38 community pharmacies provide a wide range of NHS services on your high street and in your neighbourhood. 
Our Pharmacy Services document, in the downloads section, enables you to find out which pharmacies provide each service, their address and phone number.  
For more information about each service visit your local pharmacy and speak to a member of the team, or give them a call.

Stop smoking

Meet your in-store advisor for a weekly one-to-one where you’ll get your carbon monoxide levels monitored and nicotine replacement products.

Discuss how you’re getting on and how to beat cravings; you know where they are if you need advice in-between times, and you can choose a time each week that fits around your plans.

There is a one-off prescription charge at the start of your treatment (free for those entitled to free prescriptions).  Just think - in five weeks you could be smoke free!

Emergency contraception

You can take emergency contraception (the morning after pill) up to 72 hours after unprotected sex to cut your risk of pregnancy, but the sooner, the better.

There are pharmacies open seven days a week from early to late. This service is free and your pharmacy can give you advice about ongoing contraception.

Weight management

A personalised weight loss support service to help motivate you to lose weight at a healthy pace. We’ll measure your BMI (body mass index) and it it’s over 30 this service is available free to you. 

Medicine use reviews

If you have a long-term health condition and take medicines prescribed by your doctor, your pharmacist can meet with you to discuss when is the best time to take your medicines, any side effects, and how your drugs might interact with over the counter products or food/alcohol.

And people with illnesses that affect breathing such as asthma or COPD will be invited back after six months to check their progress with inhaler techniques.

Rethink your drink

 After an easy assessment that takes just a minute, if you find out the amount of alcohol you drink is putting your health at risk, we will offer some quick and effective solutions to help you cut down.

Pharmacy opening times for the May bank holidays 2018 

Pharmacy opening times have been announced for our area for the two May bank holidays - on Monday 7 and Monday 28. 

These times are based on information supplied to us by the pharmacy contractors and are correct at the time of issue on May 5.  

The CCG should point out that the hours are all voluntary and do sometimes change. 

You are therefore strongly advised to contact the pharmacy before attending to ensure they are open and have the medication you require

Any further updates to the opening times will be made available on the NHS Choices website, where you can also do a postcode search for your nearest pharmacies.Click here.

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