The choice is yours

If you're a patient living in Portsmouth and your GP refers you for hospital treatment, you can choose to have that treatment anywhere in England.

You'll still be able to go to your local hospital if you wish, in addition to choosing from any hospital where your care is funded by the NHS in England.  This includes NHS hospitals and many private hospitals. More details can be found on the NHS Choices website.

The NHS has also produced a quick guide, called "If your GP refers you... You can choose".

Patients have told us they want more hospitals to choose from and more appointment dates and times too.  Patients have also told us the key factors that would influence their choice of hospital, such as personal experience, reputation, hygiene and waiting times.

Making a choice has been made easy for patients.  You can access clear, accurate and independent information from a number of sources. 

  • Ask your GP, or one of the practice staff at your local GP surgery, to provide you with information about the options available locally or elsewhere in England
  • Speak to an adviser (once your GP has suggested a referral to see a specialist) by calling 08456 088 888 free of charge
  • Visit your local library which will have information.  Some libraries will also have staff that have been trained to help you access the information you need.

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