Looking after someone can mean anything from helping a person to wash and dress, to perhaps helping with their shopping and cleaning.

You may be a spouse, partner, child or other relative of the person you care for, or even a friend or neighbour.

If you are providing regular unpaid care to someone who could not manage their daily life without it, then you are a carer. 

Did you know? 

The 2011 Census tells us that;

  • There are 17,136 carers in our city
  • 10,794 care between 1-19 hours per week
  • 2,239 care between 20-49 hours per week
  • 4103 care 50 hours or more per week

Caring can often be difficult and may negatively impact on your health and wellbeing.

What help can carers get?

  • Carers over the age of 16 providing care to an adult are entitled to a carers' assessment and can get a whole range of support, including support to take a break. There is an easy to complete self assessment that you can do online, on paper, with or without help from staff
  • The Portsmouth Carers' Centre is a community-based resource dedicated to the support of all carers in the city
  • Young carers can get help and support from the Portsmouth Young Carers Project.

You can find out more about all these things in the External Links section to the right of this page. Alternative you can visit the Portsmouth Carers' Centre Facebook page.

Our four year strategy (2011-2015) to improve the lives of carers in our city

We have worked with Portsmouth City Council and consulted extensively with local carers to produce a joint strategy to improve the support and services available to carers.

If you would like to know more, or get involved in the strategy development, you can find a link to it in the External Links section to the right of this page. 

Carers' budget

The total identified budget for carers support in Portsmouth for 12/13 was £2,095,172.  This was funded by:

  • Portsmouth City Council - £1,895,104
  • NHS Portsmouth - £200,068

£958,044 was set aside for adult carers, and £1,137,128 was set aside for young carers/parent carers (of children).  An estimated £1,406,867 was spent providing 27,945 breaks to carers. 

  • £355,739 for adults providing 6,834 breaks
  • £1,051,128 for children and parent carers (of children) providing 21,111 breaks.

You can download the budget from the Downloads section

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