Freshers 2019
NHS staff go back to university - for a day!
19 September 2019

NHS staff went back to university – to promote self-care amongst the new students. 

Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) attended at the University of Portsmouth’s Freshers’ event to promote the importance of self-care and a range of other health issues. 

Its primary care and medicines management teams publicised electronic services such as the NHS App, Patient Online, eConsult, and the community services students can self-refer directly into such as the physio telephone triage service and health services access guide. 

Advice was also given on sexual health, wellbeing and mental health services. 

Students were asked if they had registered with a GP and were issued with a list of your practices across the city and a registration form to complete and take to a practice of their choice.

NHS staff issued around 400 information packs and 400 hard copies of a primary care survey about how students would prefer to access their GP services and what services they have previously used. 

Christine Horan, the CCG’s Primary Care Improvement Manager, said: “It was an extremely worthwhile and useful event for us to attend, and hopefully it was the same for the students too. 

“We had lots of questions about GP registration, medication, online consultation and quite a few students wanted to know about registering with a dentist, which is not a CCG-commissioned service – but one where we were able to point them in the right direction.”

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