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Portsdown Bluestream Award
Portsdown celebrates staff excellence
17 January 2019

Portsdown Group Practice has celebrated the “excellence” of its staff – who serve nearly 44,000 GP patients across Portsmouth. 

The group holds an annual awards ceremony to celebrate staff learning achievements. 

It uses an online learning platform “Bluestream Academy” for its mandatory and non-mandatory training - a system can record all training completed both internally and externally, such as information governance, principles of health and safety and safeguarding for adults and children. 

Some 120 staff across our sites completed 2,579 modules in 2018, ensuring that they are appropriately qualified with the right skills and competencies for their diverse roles. 

Group Business Manager Christina Cleworth said: “We are committed to the principles of continuous improvement and ensuring that our entire team, whether clinical or non-clinical, has access to high quality learning material that they can access online and that they can complete at their own pace. 

“BlueStream offer a highly efficient way of recording when training has been completed and ensuring that, once a learning module has been completed, the learner is reminded of his or her need to update that training as soon as it becomes due. 

“We were delighted to celebrate the success of the training in the practice when we awarded 47 members of staff with their ‘bronze’ award (more than 20 learning modules completed with a twelve-month period), eight members of staff with a ‘silver’ award (over 30 modules) and two members of staff with a ‘gold’ award (over 50 modules). 

“Well done to all our staff who received recognition for their learning achievements.”

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