Children and Families

Children and Families

We want to develop a Pre-birth to 5 years strategy.

Children deserve to have the best possible start in life. We want to support families to raise healthy children, brought up within a stable, loving environment. To support families in this way we will make the best possible use of our resources to deliver a “healthy child pathway”, putting in place the right support for families as they raise their child, from pre-birth to five years of age.

There are 9 children’s centres across Portsmouth that support parents-to-be and families with children 0-5 years. These run various health services including midwife clinics, child development checks, breast feeding support groups and sessions on the introduction to solid foods.

Our pre-birth to 5 years strategy has been developed jointly with Portsmouth City Council, aiming to ensure that our children are healthy, safe, developing and ready for school. For more information about our strategy please click here.

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