Our Priorities


Our 20/20 Vision five year strategy was published in 2014.

The strategy highlights four priorities which reflect the whole spectrum of health needs in the city and apply equally to children and adults. We believe concentrating on these priorities will make a difference to people’s lives.

  • Priority 1. We want everyone to be able to access the right health services, in the right place, as and when they need them.
  • Priority 2. We will ensure that when people receive health services they are treated with compassion, respect and dignity and that health services are safe, effective and excellent quality.
  • Priority 3. We want health and social care services to be joined up so that people only have to tell their story once. People should not have unnecessary assessments of their needs, or go to hospital when they can be safely cared for at home or stay in hospital longer than they need to.
  • Priority 4. With our partners, we will tackle the biggest causes of ill health and early death and promote wellbeing and positive mental health.

 Since we published our strategy we have also been working closely with other NHS organisations and Portsmouth City Council to develop our Health and Care Portsmouth programme, which sets a blueprint for how NHS and care services in the city will develop over the next few years.

You can find out more about Health and Care Portsmouth here or go direct to the HCP website here.

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