Help us to ensure local services meet your expectations...

We want to look at how the expectations of Portsmouth patients and service users  can more effectively be included into  the contracts we agree for services, particularly those provided out of hospital, such as primary care and community services.

We are building on work undertaken already with a group of patients in Gosport, who agreed a series of expectations they would like to see from the NHS services they receive, which would enable them to be able to cope with their illness or manage their health condition better.

You can view the list that they came up with here (or below) and now we are keen to hear your views as a patient in Portsmouth...

Patient expectations - the draft list

Does this list feel right to you?  Is there anything that you think should be included that doesn’t appear on the list?  Which of the outcomes listed do you particularly support or are there some that we don't really need?

If you have any thoughts or feedback we would be really pleased to hear from you. You can tell us by using the form below - and thank you very much for your feedback.

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