Continuing Health Care - personal health budgets

What is a Personal Health Budget (PHB)?
A PHB is an amount of money to support a person's identified health and well-being needs, which are planned and agreed with you together with your local authority (if appropriate) and NHS team. A PHB gives you more choice and control in the way you arrange your day-to-day support.

A PHB can be arranged in three different ways:

1. Notional Budget: No money changes hands. The personal health budget holder knows how much money is available for their assessed needs and decides together with the NHS team how to spend that money. The NHS is then responsible for holding the money and arranging the agreed care and support.

2. Third party budget: An organisation independent of both the person and the NHS commissioner (for example an independent user trust or a voluntary organisation) is responsible for and holds the money on the person's behalf. They can work in partnership with the person and their family to ensure the care they arrange and pay for with the budget meets the agreed outcomes in the care plan.

3. Direct payment for healthcare: The money is paid to you or your representative direct in place of services, so you can purchase the care and support needed. Evidence will be required to show what the money has been spent on and where Personal Assistants are employed that compliance with employment law is maintained.


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