Guildhall Walk consultation - drop-in sessions

During the period of public consultation regarding the future of NHS services at Guildhall Walk Healthcare Centre, the CCG will be holding a series of 'drop-in' sessions.

On those dates, CCG staff will be available to hand out documents, and answer any questions that people may have. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come along, have a chat and find out more.

The list of confirmed drop-ins is below, although this list is being added to throughout the consultation and so is likely to expand over time.



  • Thurs 26/11 (all day)
  • Thurs 17/12 (all day)
  • Tues 12/1 (all day)
  • Fri 19/2 (all day)

Somerstown Central (The 'Hub')

  • Tues 8/12 (morning)
  • Mon 14/12 (afternoon)
  • Thur 14/1 (morning)
  • Wed 20/1 (morning)
  • Thur 4/2 (morning)

Queen Alexandra Hospital

  • Fri 18/12 (morning)
  • Tues 5/1 (morning)
  • Mon 8/2 (afternoon)

 Central Library

  • Fri 27/11 (morning)
  • Thur 3/12 (afternoon)
  • Tues 15/12 (afternoon)
  • Wed 13/1 (morning)
  • Thur 21/1 (morning)
  • Mon 25/1 (morning)

 Portsmouth Race and Equality Network (PRENO)

  • Sunday 29/11 (afternoon)

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