Ensuring Clinically Effective and Timely Elective Care

Elective Care

When it comes to planned (elective) care, you have told us that the factors which matter most to you are: your own personal experience; waiting times; hygiene, and the reputation of the service.

You have the right to go to any NHS hospital in England, if a GP refers you for treatment, however, we want you to choose to be treated locally. As commissioners we are working with our NHS partners to ensure that locally you can access high quality, modern care, with the shortest possible waiting times.

We want more people to wait no longer than 18 weeks when they are referred for hospital treatment, and we will work to support GP surgeries across the city to open for longer, and to improve access for their patients.

We will be commissioning new services to improve the support given to the growing number of people living with one or more long-term conditions, and will support GPs to help drive an improvement in the quality of referrals from primary care to secondary care.

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