Equality objective

At its Governing Board meeting on the 18 September 2013 the CCG agreed its equality objectives, in respect of health inequalities impacting upon individuals across all protected characteristics.

The Equality Act 2010 specifically requires the CCG to:

  • Prepare and publish equality objectives by 13 October 2013, and monitor and review information  at least every four years after that
  • Ensure that the objectives are specific and measurable, and set out how progress towards the objectives will be measured
  • Publish details of engagement in developing the equality objectives also at least every four years, and in line with publication of objectives
  • Consider its published equality information before preparing and publishing these objectives
  • Publish the objectives in a reasonably accessible format.

Equality Objective

The agreed focus for the CCG is:

“Improving staff awareness and responsiveness to needs of protected groups”

Specifically we will be seeking an improvement in staff and patient reported outcomes relating to the awareness of and responsiveness to the particular needs of protected groups.

This supports the Equality Delivery System Goal of ‘empowered engaged and well supported staff’ and covers all protected groups.

We will measure this specifically by undertaking a staff survey of both CCG employed staff and CCG facing staff in commissioning support partner organisations.

This survey will seek to measure the number of staff responding positively to a range of questions evaluating their awareness of the needs of different protected groups, and their ability to respond to these.

We will undertake the survey at least annually and will seek to demonstrate improvement against the initial survey baseline results.

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