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Message from Dr Nick Moore, CCG Executive Member, NHS Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group

'As I said in my foreword of the Social, Emotional and Mental Health Strategy for Children and Young People 0-25 (2018-2021), which you can download from the section opposite, improving outcomes for our children and young people is a priority for us as we shape future services across Portsmouth. Crucial to our thinking is the early identification of those at risk of poor mental health illness and the need for services to be integrated around the young person's needs and their family's needs.  Young people and their families have been at the heart of our planning - and will clearly need to remain as our key stakeholders as the design and delivery of mental health provision continues to evolve.'

Message from Alison Jeffery, Director, Children, Families and Education, Portsmouth City Council

'Responding proportionately to the differing needs of children and young people in the city is crucial and I welcome the refreshed needs assessment compiled by the Future in Mind team with support from colleagues in Public Health. It is essential that we develop a deep understanding of the mental health needs of our most vulnerable children and young people, including children in alternative care, young offenders, and young people caught up in different forms of exploitation.  I know that partners across the city are keen to continue to work together to give all children and young people the best possible support which empowers them and develops their long term resilience.  Continued creative joint working is essential.'

Delivery Plan

We are currently developing our Delivery Plan for 2019 onwards which will enable us to deliver a number of work-streams (as listed below) ensuring the services and support in Portsmouth continue to develop:


Improving Wellbeing and Resilience in Education


Improving the Neurodevelopmental Offer and Pathway


Workforce Development


Improving the Support for Vulnerable Children and Young People


Identifying System Wide Outcomes, Data and Analysis Work


Psychiatric Liaison




Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service Improvement Plans

 The Delivery Plan will be available as a down-loadable document shortly. 

Childhood Abuse and Neglect 

In response to the NSPCC's report 'Transforming the mental health services for children who have been abused' 2017 we have undertaken an analysis in Portsmouth to ascertain the mental health related services and support available for our children and young people who have or are currently suffering abuse and/or neglect, the full report 'Mental Health Support: Childhood Abuse and Neglect' 2018 can be downloaded from the section opposite. 

We are aware that we need to be in a position where we are able to take early action and early identification of need, so that children and young people suffering from abuse and/or neglect are supported as soon as problems arise to prevent more serious problems developing wherever possible. 

Plans for how we will improve the support for young people suffering abuse and neglect will be covered in Work-stream D of the Delivery Plan. 

Next Steps and How to get Involved 

We will continue to work on our plans over the next 12 months in conjunction with children, young people, parents and carers.

If you are a young person or a parent/carer and would like to be involved in our co-production activities or you would like to share your views on how you feel support could be provided and how you would like to access it, please contact Stuart McDowell via:

Downloads available on this page

- Future in Mind Co-Production Pledge
- Social Emotional Mental Health Strategy(2018-2021)
- Mental Health Support Childhood Abuse and Neglect
- A Strategy for Improving Wellbeing and Resilience in Education (2017-2019).

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