Hanway merger proposal – decision

NHS Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group’s Primary Care Commissioning Committee met today (26 March 2020) via teleconference to discuss an application for Hanway Road Practice to merge with Portsdown Group Practice. A separate application, to close the Stubbington Avenue and Hanway Road premises within the next six months, was also considered.

The Committee discussed the applications, assessed the assurances that correct processes and procedures had been followed, and weighed up whether the proposals offered the most viable and sustainable solution for the practice populations. Having done so, the committee voted unanimously in support of the proposal to merge, and to agree to allow the phased closures of the sites.

The role of the CCG in reviewing such applications is to ensure that the proposals will meet the primary medical care needs of the population, that they are financially viable, and to ensure the practices have informed their patients of the proposals, engaged with them to gather feedback, and to considered that feedback.

In line with government guidance on Covid-19, the committee meeting was held in private, with the agreement that the papers for the meeting and the decision regarding the applications regarding the merger and premises closure would be made publicly available at the earliest opportunity.

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