Improving Integrated and Urgent Care


Improving Integrated and Urgent Care

We want to join services up, so that people are better supported to live independently within the community. But we also need to improve urgent and emergency care so that, if someone does suffer a health crisis, they get the fast, high quality response they need.

We want to improve community services for the frail elderly and for people with long term conditions

The local NHS is part of a drive to transform the city’s out-of-hospital care system. We want to ensure that Portsmouth residents can rely on a network of community-based support which helps to keep them as healthy and independent as possible – a truly joined-up network which does not continually move people from one service to another.

To achieve this goal we have developed the Health and Care Portsmouth (HCP), with our partners Portsmouth City Council, Solent NHS Trust, and the Portsmouth Primary Care Alliance.

Fundamental to this project is the need to bring NHS and social care services much closer together over the next five years. Our intention is to make services in the city more focused around the needs of patients – rather than organisations – as well as making them more effective, and more sustainable in the longer term.

Our work builds on the successful ‘Better Care’ partnership work in Portsmouth, which began the work of bringing NHS and social care teams closer together, focusing on improving services for older people, and adults with complex needs. Creating a single health and social care system will promote independence, and support patients to live in the least ‘institutional’ setting possible.

We want to deliver effective urgent and emergency care

Local people need to know that they can rely on a high quality urgent and emergency care system, which gives them the support they need, when they need it.

To help us to deliver the best possible system of urgent care, we want to see responsive, accessible services which provide the right care, first time. In addition, we need to improve the support we give to people to manage their own health, which in turn will help us to better manage the demands on our highly-skilled local urgent and emergency care teams.

We will aim to provide people with simpler, clearer choices, and ensure they have high quality options near their home, so that the Emergency Department can be protected and kept available for those in greatest need.

Click here for more information on urgent care.

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