Patient Transport survey for service-users

The NHS is inviting service-users to take part in a survey of the Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service (NEPTS) in Hampshire.

It is reviewing the £11m a year service to see if improvements can be made to ensure it is being run in the most effective and efficient way for all the patients eligible to use it.

All patients are normally expected to make their way to hospital or outpatient clinics for non-emergency appointments.

But the NEPTS service is provided free for the small minority of people registered with a GP practice in Hampshire who can’t travel to appointments independently on grounds of their medical condition only. The survey is running for 28 days from Monday January 20 to Monday February 17 and we will be publishing its main findings.

The survey is being run by NHS Fareham and Gosport Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) on behalf of the other CCGs in Hampshire. It is available via this link

Hard copies are being made available in GP practices and hospital outpatient departments.

If you use this valued service, or care a carer for someone who uses the service, we would welcome your views please. There are general questions for all users of the service – and specific sections for renal patients only.

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