Safeguarding Adults and Children

Safeguarding is about making sure everyone, irrespective of age, is treated with dignity and respect and does not suffer abuse. This even includes unborn children.

This is particularly important for those who are unable to protect themselves from harm and abuse, possibly because of their age, a disability or because they are unwell.

To ensure this, care has to be of high quality in order to prevent abuse happening. It also means there is an effective response if there is evidence or a suspicion of abuse.

Contact the team:

Director of Quality and Safeguarding - Tina Scarborough -

Head of Safeguarding - Sarah Shore - 

Safeguarding Adults and Children

NHS Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) safeguarding declaration:

Living a life that is free from harm and abuse is a fundamental right of every person. All of us need to act as good neighbours and citizens in looking out for one another and seeking to prevent harmful and abusive situations for and adults at risk of harm and children.

Within NHS Portsmouth CCG, safeguarding is recognised as a high priority for the organisation. In order to achieve this we ensure we have robust arrangements and a clear line of accountability in place to provide strong leadership, vision and direction for safeguarding.

Our executive and designated professionals for safeguarding play a key part in the clinical decision making of the organisation and the following measures ensure that safeguarding and promoting the welfare of vulnerable adults and children are discharged effectively across the whole local health economy thorough commissioning arrangements:

  • Executive level CCG membership of both Portsmouth Safeguarding Adult and Children Boards which ensures that safeguarding is at the forefront of service planning
  • Close collaboration with the Local Authority to assess and ensure the provision of Coordinated integrated services to meet the needs of the local population, including specialist services for vulnerable groups
  • Ensuring that safeguarding adult and children strategies and associated policies are in place, including safe recruitment of staff, a whistle-blowing policy and safeguarding training and supervision policies.
  • Ensuring that providers of services are held to account through regular review of safeguarding arrangements through quality scrutiny processes.
  • Designated nurses and doctors in post to offer professional expertise and advice around safeguarding matters

 Worried about a vulnerable adult?

For safeguarding adults: 

To discuss a concern or make a safeguarding adults referral, please contact:

 Worried about a child?

For safeguarding children:

If you are concerned about a child contact:

  • Email:
  • Portsmouth Children's Social Care (MASH) on: 0845 671 0271 / 02392 688793
  • In an emergency situation outside office hours call: 0300 555 1373

Safeguarding advice on policy, practice, training and Prevent also available from:

  • Sarah Shore (Head of Safeguarding)
  • Dr. Helen Daley (Designated Doctor for Safeguarding Children)
  • Dr. Elizabeth Fellows (Designated Doctor for LAC)

 Please contact NHS Portsmouth CCG on 02392 899502

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