The NHS urges people with liver conditions to get their flu vaccine

The NHS in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight are urging people with liver disease to take up the offer of having their free flu vaccine to help protect themselves.

Having liver disease weakens your immune system and may limit the type of medications you can take for flu symptoms.

Flu can also worsen liver diseases or increase the rate of rejection and drug toxicity if you have had a liver transplant.

Just over a third of patients with liver disease have had their flu vaccination so far, which is why the NHS is urging you to take up the offer as soon as possible.

Dr Caroline O’Keeffe, GP in Hampshire, said: “I encourage all people with liver disease to get their flu vaccine.

“Liver disease weakens your immune system which means you are more likely to get flu. Having liver disease can also limit the type of medication we can use to treat flu, which makes flu much more unpleasant for you get it.

“It’s really important for you to be protected this winter.”

Watch a video of Dr Caroline O’Keeffe explaining why it’s important to get the flu jab

Patients can get their vaccines from their GP practice or local pharmacy.

While the covid vaccination programme has started, it’s important to note that currently those aged 80 and over, people in care homes and frontline health and care workers are being prioritised for it.

If you have liver disease, it’s important to continue to get your flu jab and not wait for your covid vaccination invitation.

Everyone is reminded not to contact their surgeries about the covid vaccination – it is being given strictly by invitation only.

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